SMSGator iPhone App is now ready for download

With Almighty Allah’s blessings, SMSGator iPhone application is now on Apple Store for download.

Without SMSGator, your iPhone will be incomplete. It is 3 Applications in one!

With SMSGator, you can SMSchange (exchange by SMS) with international friends without language barrier by its Translation service based on Google translation service. You need internet connectivity for that.

With SMSGator, you can SMSchange with your business partners and friends securely without preying eyes by its Encryption service based on iPhone brilliant built-in AES encryption. Only your recipients will be able to read you messages, using the agreed passcode between you and your friends.

With SMSGator, you can group your contacts by its Smart Auto Grouping feature or create your own custom groups.

With SMSGator private templates, you do not need to type messages over and over, and excellent time saving feature for frequent SMS messages.

I appreciate your support in spreading the news about my iPhone application.

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