My experience with Buffalo LinkStation Pro 2TB LS-VL Home Network Storage Device

I did not expect such bad experience with a product from Buffalo, as I used to hold a good picture about the company and its products! may be because it is an American company and so far my experience with American companies is excellent as they are customer focused, easy to deal with, no barriers to provide you with the service, cause providing you Quality of Service is in their best interest.

Unfortunately, Buffalo – thanks to its customer care rep or PR guy, proved me wrong, that there are always exceptions to every rule.

I am documenting my experience and the email chain with Buffalo, to prove my point and to warn others from falling victims like me. The email chain is self explanatory, and I do not need to comment on it.

My First email to them on June 17, 2011


I have bought a new Buffalo NAS LiveStation PRO from the US upon my visit in April, and since I came back to Saudi Arabia, I tried to make it working properly and failed! Direct file copy to the volume times up and process terminates, NovaBackup never succeeded to copy my harddisk volume as it times up or terminates without warning or error messages but not moving all files… then suddenly I got EM where I failed to update the firmware because it either keeps asking me for password of the administrator that never accepts – per your manual – or it does not recognize the device on the network.

I even gave it to a friend Guru who loves fixing such problems, and after hours — Yes, hours – he finally reached and fixed it and updated the firmwre…I asked him to format the harddisk to start fresh, and it took almost 7 hours after which the device stopped working, and not reachable….his assessment was based on his experience, diagnosis, and internet forums that the product is actually (Product not yet complete)! I trust his judgement, especially with the flood of forum messages that I should have checked on the net before buying it.

Now, I ripped it apart and took the hard disk and made it USB External 2GB hard disk, but an expensive one!

I will NEVER NEVER EVER come near any Buffalo products in the future, so is my friend too and other friends whom I share my experience with.

As a user, I want a reliable device that I can connect and use….like Apple quality products!

Thanks and Best regards,
Yaagoub Nujaidi

My Second email to them on June 29, 2011

No wonder your products are failing and customers are shying away from Buffalo, when a customer complaint is not even being answered since June 17!

Thanks and Best regards,
Yaagoub Nujaidi

Buffalo Reply on June 29, 2011


You stated in your first email that you disassembled the product, voiding your warranty. Before you did that, we could have assisted with the EM error and additional errors, but once disassembled, there is no way we can help with the product errors.

Your complaint did not have a question in the first or second email.

Thank you,

Buffalo Technology USA

My last email to them on June 29, 2001


It is true that I disassembled the device and voided the warranty voluntarily, but I did that when I gave up on it especially when a Guru could not fixed it, so imagine what it takes novice users to prepare such errors…and I am not asking for replacement or fixing or any claim whatsoever to keep your mind safe!

The FACT still holds that even when receiving such harsh message from a VDC, the no follow up attitude and even you recent reply tells me a volume about the quality of your company. Any reputable company would have investigated the situation of went exactly went wrong, what did I do to make me give up on your product, but seems that you are not one of those companies.

Thank you for your reply, as the material of this email chain will be a good internet materials to proof the lack of your care about your own products, lack of customer care to be shared with all my internet social friends, and will send you the link.

I will give you two marketing/PR 101 lessons:
1) A dissatisfied customer costs you 10 potential customers, and a satisfied customer brings you one customer!
2) in your emails, state your name, title for the customer to know whom he is talking to.

This time, I am asking you explicitly not to reply to my email as I am already satisfied, but not with your quality or company care!

Thanks and Best regards,
Yaagoub Nujaidi

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